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+AddJust is the housing management solution
for progressive Local Authorities.

Interactive Survey, Asset, Contract and
Tender Management for the digital age.


Every piece of data for every asset in one place. GIS Mapping. SEAI Certs. Condition surveys. Lifecycle reminders for every item in every property. Forecasts. Cost monitoring. Easily group work packages, ready for +Tender.

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Framework Tenders issued in under 10 clicks. Updates pushed automatically to Tenderers. Everything in one place, on one intuitive platform, optimised for Irish Public Works Contracts. Automated Tender Analysis and Reports.

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Intuitive dashboard for complete control. Administration of CW and housing voids projects. BoQ's, payments, CO's and RFI’s. Submittals, smart messaging and documents folders for easier audit and H+S compliance.

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What is +AddJust?
+AddJust is a trio of housing management solutions (+ASSET, +TENDER and +CONTRACT) designed specifically for the digital requirements of Irish Local Authority Housing Departments.

Our design principles from the outset were that +AddJust should be:
–easy to adopt
–fit for purpose
–a real improvement

Easy to Adopt
Our solution has been built to help the modern social housing provider meet the challenges (and embrace the opportunities) of the digital revolution. To that end, +AddJust facilitates easy, rapid deployment, for all users: although we are proud of the power under the hood, we are equally proud of the user interface, which has been created with ease of adoption and ease of use foremost in mind.

As a cloud-based platform, +AddJust allows you, your staff and your team to work from anywhere: from home, the office or on site, with rapid mobile and desktop access. Our software has been designed from scratch: that means no glitches or issues with legacy code. No egg-timer. No wheel of death. No freezing. Our software is built to work with the latest Android and Apple mobile technology as well as PC and Mac.

Fit for Purpose
Local Authority Housing Departments presently rely on a hotch-potch of software and social media tools never designed for the purpose. (We have heard from multiple stalwarts on every sort of combination of Outlook, WhatsApp, iHouse, Gmail, Excel, Google Drive, and Dropbox and more for a single void refurbishment scheme!).

Apart from the gross inefficiencies—cc'ing the correct people for each email, finding files in mislabelled folders, accessing password-protected Excel spreadsheets, checking versions of spreadsheets and so on—there are legitimate audit and data protection considerations with such piecemeal approaches, not to mention the enormous waste of scarce human resource and duplication of efforts in correctly filing information.

+AddJust is designed to provide a truly integrated solution for LAHD's. From condition surveys to asset management, from tender to contract management, +AddJust has been built to work for you. Plus, our modules integrate with most financial software and legacy software systems to let you get more done from day one.

A Real Improvement
Unfortunately, technology 'solutions' that don't actually improve workflow or productivity are all around us. Many software packages merely add more layers of complexity to an already confused workspace. With +AddJust, we created three modules — +ASSET, +TENDER and +CONTRACT — that are so intuitive and user-friendly, you'll wonder how you ever managed before. You'll get loads more work done; it just won't feel like work.

Our Team and Credo
We're a dynamic team bringing over 200 years of cumulative real estate, construction & software experience to bear on delivering what we believe is the smartest and most intuitive Housing Management system for Irish Local Authority Housing Departments ever.

That's a big boast, but we're sure you'll agree once you try +AddJust in action.

Audit- & Compliance-Friendly

+AddJust facilitates compliance with current legislation and contracts, and makes audits and good filing practice easy to implement.

Advanced Cost Control

+AddJust enables you to gain superior insights into the cost and time performances of projects across a range of portfolios.


+AddJust's solutions are mobile enabled so you can access the contract and record data you need, wherever you are: home, site or at the office.

Cloud Based

All information is securely stored in the cloud with restricted access at all levels. It can be accessed from anywhere and on any device.

Risk Management

Using data analytics, +AddJust delivers powerful risk assessment information to your department, enabling better insight into your projects.

Real Time Reporting

Data captured instantly enables +AddJust to deliver live reporting on a project's commercial performance, benchmarked against your complete dataset.

Paperless & Secure

Spreadsheets, emails and printouts are in the past. Secure back-ups processed & stored in the cloud. Less paper, less cost, and better for the environment.


Easily communicate and collaborate with all stakeholders for better results. Better communication = smoother contracts = better outcomes.


Yes, our coding is state-of-the-art, but it's also designed to work with legacy software like iHouse and Agresso as well as integrating with your CRM and finance systems.

To plan for the future, you need to know where you are right now. Find out where you are with +AddJust. Up-to-date and comprehensive data on your housing stock for Real Building Intelligence. Get in touch with +AddJust today.

Talk to Us

Pádraig Neylon


Pádraig has 15 years experience as a Quantity Surveyor and Building Surveyor and has been involved in hundreds of construction contracts of varying sizes and complexity.

Michael Kelly


Michael has 15 years of experience in the Software Industry, implementing robust solutions in the high performance computing, mobile and web space.

Joe Neylon


Joe has over 30 years of project management, sales and marketing experience in a range of sectors including sub-contracting on large retail projects.

David McArthur

Software Engineer

Dave is an engineer and designer laser-focused on making beautiful and reliable software, and has diverse experience from 15 years in the industry

Michiel Vos

Software Engineer

Michiel is a full stack Software Engineer who has worked across a range of industries.

Ovidiu Chereches

Senior Software Engineer

Ovidiu is +AddJust's Senior Software Engineer and was previously Engineering Manager at Hootsuite, leading the UI development of the Analytics product.

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