Audit- & Compliance-Friendly

+AddJust facilitates compliance with current legislation and contracts, and makes audits and good filing practice easy to implement.

Advanced Cost Control

+AddJust enables you to gain superior insights into the cost and time performances of projects across a range of portfolios.


+AddJust's solutions are mobile enabled so you can access the contract and record data you need, wherever you are: home, site or at the office.

Cloud Based

All information is securely stored in the cloud with restricted access at all levels. It can be accessed from anywhere and on any device.

Risk Management

Using data analytics, +AddJust delivers powerful risk assessment information to your department, enabling better insight into your projects.

Real Time Reporting

Data captured instantly enables +AddJust to deliver live reporting on a project's commercial performance, benchmarked against your complete dataset.

Paperless & Secure

Spreadsheets, emails and printouts are in the past. Secure back-ups processed & stored in the cloud. Less paper, less cost, and better for the environment.


Easily communicate and collaborate with all stakeholders for better results. Better communication = smoother contracts = better outcomes.


Yes, our coding is state-of-the-art, but it's also designed to work with legacy software like iHouse and Agresso as well as integrating with your CRM and finance systems.