Once the contract is awarded, +CONTRACT is built to make the entire contract management experience run as smoothly as possible. The module has been designed specifically for Irish Public Works Contracts: Capital Works (PW-CF1 to PW-CF5) and Void Refurbishment (PW-CF6). It integrates capital contracts, multi & single operator framework contracts, planned maintenance contracts, framework contracts and general housing repairs and maintenance management to help deliver unambiguous structure and efficiency.

We believe +CONTRACT will enable Housing Authorities to realise savings, as well as improve performance and keep close control over costs. With live reporting and real-time insights across a wide range of different project/contract types, you’ll be able to make timely decisions, manage budgets and schedule work more efficiently.

We firmly believe that clear communication is key to smooth operation of a contract. Each query, RFI, and CO generates its own searchable 'chat', letting you deal with queries in real-time in an organised fashion, without emails and attachments and suspect links to zip files in Dropbox folders. and you’ll be able to deliver faster and more valuable housing data and insights. Wherever you are, you will always have to hand the precise information you need, right when you need it.

+Addjust Contract Management will complete the picture for the lifecycle of your housing property. Our Contract Management module will keep full control and administration of all your capital works & housing voids projects. +Addjust Contract Management will take care of all aspects of the contract administration: dashboard performance, bill of quantities, payments, change orders, RFI’s, submittal, messaging and a documents folder to ensure you don’t miss a thing when it comes to audit and compliance on a project.

At +Addjust we know how important it is to have information on your existing and past projects available in an instant. With our ‘live’ reporting on projects and up to date information on budget & capital expenditure our Contract management software will ensure your teams will never waste precious time and money pulling information from different systems and sources. +Addjust Contract Management has everything on a capital project or void at your fingertips.

Key Features:

  • ‘Live’ Dashboard 

Key information and insights for your project(s): Spend to date, changes, retention and timelines. Clear Project Health data, allowing you to make adjustments or changes to spend.

  • Bill of Quantities

Our unique feature allowing you to upload a Bill of Quantities for your project, with item listings - straight from our Tender module. 

  • Payments

A visible track of all payments made to your contractor during the course of the project. Track timeline of payment claims, payments, employers recommendations & payment certs issued.

  • Change Orders

All CO’s in one place, with approvals and deductions. Whether its a client or contractor change order you never loose sight of the CO. Upload pictures and proposal with price.

  • RFI’s & Submittals 

Generate an RFI or process a Submittal. All information in one place with history and timelines.

  • Document Storage 

Project works and voids can be complex with a whole load of documentation required. Our Document storage allows for all drawings, H&S, Insurance and handover files and much more. Everything to ensure compliance and a real history when it comes to auditing.

  • Instant Messaging with ‘Chat’

Welcome to ‘Chat’, a dedicated instant messaging built into our contract management. All parties in the project can communicate over and back, with text and pictures and of course our system keeps a full record of this correspondence. Chat one-to-one or set up groups to include all parties in the conversation.