With +TENDER, issuing and managing tenders has never been easier. Upload CSV files or populate the BoQ with common items from preloaded lists. Generate Planned Maintenance Programmes in as few as 10 clicks. Carry out Energy Efficient Retrofit Projects with Automated Recoupment Reporting and Claim Forms. Broadcast changes to all tenderers direct from +TENDER, without needing to touch Outlook. And once the tenders are in, +TENDER's dashboard makes it easy to compare line items and overall breakdowns between different tenders, to help you make the informed decision.

+AddJust's intuitive set-up is designed to help Local Authorities issue tenders as smoothly as possible, by choosing from a built-in suite of standard tenders or one tailored to your specific project. 

  • Streamlined. Framework Tenders can be issued in as few as 10 clicks: no need to mess about with Outlook and that missing attachments ever again!
  • Flexibility. Tenders, Mini Tenders and Framework Tenders are all built into the software. 
  • Smart. Updates are pushed automatically to Tenderers, who receive instant notification of any changes. 
  • Smarter. When the tenders are in, +AddJust's intuitive Automated Tender Analysis makes it easy to sort through the bids, including a range of filters to quickly compare specific line items.