Pádraig Neylon


Pádraig has 15 years experience as a Quantity Surveyor and Building Surveyor and has been involved in hundreds of construction contracts of varying sizes and complexity.

Michael Kelly


Michael has 15 years of experience in the Software Industry, implementing robust solutions in the high performance computing, mobile and web space.

Joe Neylon


Joe has over 30 years of project management, sales and marketing experience in a range of sectors including sub-contracting on large retail projects.

David McArthur

Software Engineer

Dave is an engineer and designer laser-focused on making beautiful and reliable software, and has diverse experience from 15 years in the industry

Michiel Vos

Software Engineer

Michiel is a full stack Software Engineer who has worked across a range of industries.

Ovidiu Chereches

Senior Software Engineer

Ovidiu is +AddJust's Senior Software Engineer and was previously Engineering Manager at Hootsuite, leading the UI development of the Analytics product.